vogue cover girl Moravia Campanella

Portuguese Champion • Portuguese Junior Champion • Spanish Junior Champion • Junior Porto Winner 2022 • Junior Latin Winner 2022


Date of Birth: March 11, 2021 CMKU/BRI/ 7392/21
Hips - A  Eyes: soon  CSNB: soon  CMR1: soon  HSF4:  soon    
Bred By:  Pavla Firlová
Owned By:  Niklas Murray & Joao Cabeleira

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Dog Shows Results



13th November 2022 - 12th IDS Braga (PT)

• CCC, 1st Exc., Best of Breed under Mrs. Dagmar Klein (RO).

12th November 2022 - 15th NDS Braga (PT)

• CCC, 1st Exc., Best of Breed and 2nd BOG under Mr. Shaun Watson (CY).

01st November 2022 - 139th IDS Clube Português de Canicultura - CPC Winner 2022 (PT)

• CAC, RCACIB, 1st Exc., under Mrs. Manola Poggesi (IT).


30th October 2022 - 138th IDS Clube Português de Canicultura - QC (PT)

• CAC, CACIB, 1st Exc., Best of Breed under Mr. Norman Deschuymere (BE) and 2nd BOG under Mrs. Manola Poggesi (IT).

29th October 2022 - 137th IDS Clube Português de Canicultura - Latin Winner 2022 (PT)

• CAC, CACIB, 1st Exc., Best of Breed and 2nd BOG under Mr. Dirk Spruyt (BE).


25th September 2022 - 14th IDS Aveiro (PT)

• CAC, 1st Exc. and Best of Breed under Mrs. Jadranka Mijatovic (HR).

24th September 2022 - 21st NDS Aveiro (PT)

• CAC, 1st Exc. and Best of Breed under Mrs. Anna Brankovic (RS).

10th September 2022 - 29th NDS do Alto Alentejo (PT)

• CAC 1st Exc., BOB under Mr. Antonio di Lorenzo (NO) and Best of Group under Mr. Luís Pinto Teixeira (PT).

03rd september 2022 - Nationale d'Elevage  - Association du Berger de Brie (FR)

• Exc. under M. Hervé Blasselle (FR) and Exc. (18,5/20 points) at the Tests de Caractere - Niveau 2.


10th july 2022 - 93rd IDS Norte - QC (PT)

• CCJ 1st Exc., Best Junior Female and BOB under Mr. Ricardo Torre Simoes (BR) and 3rd Junior BIS  under Mrs. Marie-Josee Melchior (LU).

09th july 2022 - 92nd IDS Norte - PORTO WINNER 2022 (PT)

• CCJ 1st Exc., Best Junior under Mrs. Marie-Josee Melchior (LU) and 3rd Junior BIS under Mr. Jussi Liimatainen (FI).


24th june 2022 - WDS MADRID 2020 (ES)

• RCCJ 2nd Exc., under Mr. Jose Luis Gil Alonso (ES).

23rd june 2022 - SPECIAL CAC MADRID 2020 NDS (ES)

• CCJ 1st Exc., under Mrs. Sylvie Desserne (FR).

23rd june 2022 - RSCE WINNER MADRID 2020 IDS (ES)

• CCJ 1st Exc., Best Junior under Mr. András Korózs (HU).


14 may 2022 - 03rd DS - specialised in herding and flock protection Salvaterra de Magos (PT)

• CCJ 1st Exc., Best Junior F under Mr. Jose Romão (PT).

08 may 2022 - 41st IDS Badajoz (ES)

1st Exc. - Best Junior F and BOS under Mrs. Barbara Muller (CH).

07 may 2022 - 32nd IDS Elvas (PT)

• CCJ 1st Exc. - Best Junior F and BOS under Mr. Zeferino Silva (PT).


23 april 2022 - Championnat de France 2022 (Paris FR)

1st Exc. - under Mr. M. Teppaz Misson Francois (FR) - becoming Junior Latin Winner.

22 april 2022 - European Dog Show 2022 (Paris, FR)

2nd Exc. - under Mr. M. Karcher Christian (FR).


10 april 2022 - 4th IDS Alto Minho (PT)

CCJ 1st Exc. - Best Junior F of Breed under Mrs. Anna Albrigo (IT).

09 april 2022 - 5th NDS Alto Minho (PT)

• CCJ 1st Exc. - Best Junior F of Breed under Mr. Adrian Argente del Castillo (ES) .


20 february 2022 - 38th IDS Granada (ES)

1st Exc. - Best Junior F of Breed and 3rd BOG junior under Mr. Francisco Ranea (ES).

19 february 2022 - 46th NDS Granada (ES)

• 1st Exc. - Best Junior F of Breed and 3rd BOG junior under Mrs. Cathy Delmar (ES) .