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SOUTHSEASIGHT Australian Shepherds & Briards is nestled within the beautiful Atlantic Coast of Portugal, 30 minutes South of Lisbon.

We are João and Niklas living our dream in a farm, surrounded by a Natural Park and facing the Ocean. 

We both have an equine hobby background and always had dogs as the best companions so, the decision to be a part of the show & breed dogs community, came naturally.

We got our first two Australian Shepherd in 2016, as pets, and we got completely hooked to the breed.

The Briard is a different story: we know the breed for a long time but somehow it is a very rare dog and we felt that, starting our show & breed program with the Australian Shepherds, would be the best moment to start a show & breed program with the Briards too, promoting these fantastic breeds.

We are very pleased to share our passion for dogs and to introduce our Australian Shepherds & Briards.

Enjoy our dogs!


Joao Cabeleira


Niklas Murray

Members of the Portuguese Kennel Club (Clube Português de Canicultura).

SouthSEASIGHT is an authorised Kennel under the registration number PT 3 569 FL.

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